Day 27: Yahweh Mephalti

[Yahweh] is my rock, my fortress, and my [Mephalti]; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.

Psalm 18:2

Yahweh Mephalti: The Lord My Deliverer (or My Rescuer)

When I began to study fiction writing, the words “character” and “plot” came up together a lot. “Character-driven plot” and “Plot reveals character” are two phrases circulating in my mind tonight. The popular theory goes that the events and circumstances of a character’s journey serve to expose who they are, and in this way I find fiction a lot like life.

One thing the circumstances of my life have certainly exposed in me: I do not like being rescued. It’s embarrassing, inconvenient, and all around frazzling to need to be rescued. I feel like such a weight sometimes, such a burden to my rescuers. Because of this, I ask for help as rarely as I can.

I’ve brought that reluctance to be rescued, that heavy, inconvenient feeling into my relationship with God, and even before Him I try to pretend I have it all together, like He doesn’t have to go out of His way to help me! I don’t want to be a burden, after all.

This bit of my character in fiction would be called a “flaw,” maybe even my “fatal flaw.” The truth is God does not feel burdened by my need to be rescued. Rescuer is His very name; when He rescues me, He is merely being Himself. My weight is nothing to His strength, and my helplessness does not surprise or offend Him. He is waiting, always waiting for me to call Yahweh Mephalti. My Deliverer.

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