Day 46: Yahweh Ha-Melech

Sing your praise to the LORD with the harp,

with the harp and melodious song,

with trumpets and the sound of the ram’s horn.

Make a joyful symphony before [Yahweh Ha-Melech]!

Psalm 98:5-6

Yahweh Ha-Melech: The LORD the King

A few days ago, the name we studied was Eli Maelekhi, God My King. That is a worthwhile post to read before this one! That King was powerful, rescuing, provisionary – He was a King who took care of His people, and they flourished.

This King in Psalm 98 is all of that – and majestically victorious over all others.

Imagine this: many months ago, the men of the country left for war. Fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins – the whole town is full of nothing but women of all ages, and the too-old and too-young men. The women work the fields and keep the houses, mind the children and the trading, manage servants and stave off trouble. And through it all, they worry.

What could they do if an army marched in now? When the men returned, would their men return? Would their lives continue in freedom, or tomorrow would they be ripped from their homes, ripped from their children, ripped from the land, and forced to serve cruel masters?

News from the battle is rare and unhelpful; runners are the only source of information, and their news is old before it gets here.

But then, one day, over the hills comes one shouting: “The King is coming! THE KING IS COMING!”

That means only one thing: the battle is won, the men are coming home, and the enemy is defeated!

This Psalm is an exaltation – it is written from the moment the King’s arrival is announced, the lift of relief! after the oppressive months of unknown. Have you ever prayed so hard for so long for something and not known what God would say? Has God ever said “yes” after months and years of waiting? This is your psalm; you have seen the runner running and heard him shout, “The King is coming!” and know what it’s like, for the first time in months, to sleep in peace.

So believe it – and sing and dance about it!

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